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Providing Essential Materials.
 Supporting Our Community’s Growth.
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We are a third-generation family owned construction that been operating in North Simcoe County, Georgian Bay and South Muskoka since 1953.


By owning four local sand and gravel pits, a variety of heavy equipment and a haulage company plus we can provide the raw materials required, we can ensure everything is managed in house without relying on outsourcing which can cause timely delays and additional costs to our clients.  Our team can provide high quality workmanship without the need to hire multiple contactors in turn creating a consistent streamlined approach to you project from the initial shovel in the ground to the final walkthrough with our clients.




It has become increasingly important to recycle certain materials. Not only is it a  way to help the planet and conserve resources, it also is an opportunity to reduce costs in the long run for everyone.

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One of the main purposes of recycling is to decrease the amount of waste being sent to our landfills. The more waste that is created, the less space becomes available in landfills. 

Saving Time; Saving Money: Saving Our Planet

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